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At Advanced Automated Systems, we provide a wide range of risk-management solutions. Driven by our industry insights and appetite for innovation, we have a stable of products that include the most advanced condition monitoring and fire prevention systems in the world, as well as best-in-class fibre optic sensor tech and security systems.

Protect Lives. Preserve Assets. Prevent Downtime.

Risk Management

On-site assessment – all installs are in accordance with the latest safety and operational standards.

Fire Prevention

Detection and Supression at a basic through to highly integrated level.

Condition Monitoring

Temperature, Strain and Acoustics – revolutionary simultaneous approach.

Security Systems

Protect perimiters and detect illegal activity.

Performance Insight

Detailed asset reports allow quick and efficient responses.

Tech Experts

Comprehensive designs, installation and maintenance – at affordable costs.

Boost Margins

Through improved productivity, safety and efficiency.

Protected Output

High-precision leakage detection, flow assurance and third-party interference (TPI) protection ensured.

System Sustainability

Mobile, environmentally friendly and require minimal maintenance.


AASYS was founded in 2009 as a company dedicated to detecting and suppressing fires across a number of industries. Driven by our appetite for innovation, and our patented DXS Fiber Optic Sensing approach – monitoring temperature, strain and acoustics – we have evolved dramatically, becoming industry leaders in the advanced field of condition monitoring.

Advanced Automated Systems is part of the Sekta Group.


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Unit 2, 17 lndianapolis Street, Kyalami Business Park, Midrand, 1685

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Hertford Office Park, Block D, Second Floor, 90 Bekker Road, Vorna Valley

+27 11 781 2293
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AASYS offers a wide range of risk-management solutions. These include world-leading fire prevention, detection and suppression, and fibre-optic condition monitoring and security systems. Our world-leading sensor technology, hardware and visualisation software is geared towards one key objective – ensuring the safety and performance of our clients’ operations.

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