Ocular Interruption

Ocular Interrupter, non-lethal lights and laser that delivers a bright beam of light that produces a dazzling or glare effect on a closing target to warn and/or suppress potential threats through increasing levels of visual degradation.

This innovative multi-spectrum ocular interruption system consists of three high-power searchlights of different wavelengths (RGB by default). Each color can be either controlled individually or combined into a single white beam. This is ideal for anti-terrorism, riot control, crow dispersal, border security, maritime and seaport security etc., and proves to be a great asset for military and law enforcement personnel.

MicroFire is a leading technology company with over 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line tactical lighting products, including flashlights, searchlights, and laser dazzlers. Driven by innovation we are constantly looking for new ways to translate cutting-edge technology into value, quality, and ultimately superior performance.