DE.TECT Fire Detection

LIOS DE.TECT is the state of the art fire detection system to provide optimum safety for fire detection in tunnels and other special hazard areas due to its ability to cope with extreme environmental conditions.

Rising demand for fire surveillance in facilities like rail and service tunnels, cable routes and ducts, storage facilities and warehouses or conveyor belts and many other special hazard facilities motivated LIOS Technology to offer a measuring system tailor-made for these industrial applications. One single Linear Heat Detection (LHD) evaluation unit of the DE.TECT series provides fast and spatially well-resolved fire detection along optical fibres with ranges of up to 10 km per channel.

The LIOS products has been successfully proven in critical applications like fire detection in road and rail tunnels and special hazard buildings, power cable and aerial transmission line monitoring, in oil & gas exploration for permanent downhole monitoring and for industrial induction furnaces surveillance, where these systems have been equipped in world-wide projects with more than 2500 permanent installations.