Kutta Radios provides next-generation medium frequency radios to mine operators as a reliable, cost-effective solution to communication and tracking needs. Kutta DRUM® radios use cables, wires, tracks, and pipes to create survivable, redundant communication paths underground that extend for miles. The DRUM® is a wireless medium frequency radio system that works whether mine power is on or off, post-incident, and even through obstructions.

Kutta DRUM® radios use parasitic propagation of a medium frequency signals to send voice and data communications in an underground environment. These signals magnetically couple to metallic items commonly found in the infrastructure of a mine, and allow for voice and data transfers several miles in distance. When proper conductors are present, signals can travel over 5 miles in distance non-line of sight. These point-to-point communications can be carried by conductors such as: leaky feeder cables (powered or un-powered), phone lines, power lines, lifelines, metal pipes and tracks. Conductors that are even buried beneath the earth can continue to transmit medium frequency signals in many scenarios, making the DRUM®Communication System the ideal redundant safety communication system for mine operators.


The following presentation highlights several possible use case examples of the DRUM® Communication System, including;

  • Redundant UHF / VHF Communications
  • Survivable Leaky Feeder
  • Leaky Feeder Extension
  • Bleeders & Hard to Reach Areas
  • Mine Rescue
  • Rescue Chamber Communications