The K5 Safety Patch is a revolutionary new way of protecting small volumes such as distribution boards, junction boxes and wall sockets. The self-adhesive patch contains micro-encapsulated clean agent gas pockets which will release the clean agent gas at 110 degrees Celcius to effectively suppress a fire condition. The patch requires no maintenance and has a 5 year lifespan.

K5 technology is a cutting edge fire extinguishing technology. At our K5 laboratories, we have developed a wide range of composite materials and products capable of suppressing fires. These materials contain our patented K5 Technology microcapsules. The microcapsules store an ozone friendly, fire extinguishing agent and are designed to release this agent only if their heat-sensitive shells reach a predetermined set temperature. At this temperature the shell of the capsule bursts and the extinguishing agent is suddenly discharged and projected in the direction of the fire. A device of any form, size or material, incorporating K5 technology can safely remain in “standby mode” for many years but when activated, will automatically target the fire at the place where it occurs, preventing the fire from developing.

Eco-friendly – ozone friendly and reusable components;
Maximum safety / Maximum efficiency – the exact quantity of suppression agent required to extinguish the fire will only be released when the heat-sensitive shells of the micro capsules reach a preset activation temperature. False activation is impossible;

Easy to install – user friendly / easy installation thanks to the innovative design;
Autonomous / Self-contained – the fire extinguishing agent is automatically released only when the preset activation temperature is reached. There is no need for an energy source or any extra controlling devices;

Water resistant – direct contact with water or high humidity does not affect the products;
Mechanical stability / Chemical neutrality – the polymer micro capsules used in the products safely store the fire extinguishing agent. The products are chemically neutral and are resistant to high and low atmospheric pressure, vibration and shocks;

Low weight / High fire suppression capacity – Due to its low weight and compact size, handling and storage costs are kept low while fire suppression capacity remains high.

Easy to use and operate – low operating and maintenance costs over the utilization period;
Safe for equipment – electronic equipment inside the protected volumes will not be damaged by product activation.

Low expenses – Lowest price per cubic decimeter of protection available on the market. The aggregate cost for shipping, storage, installation and maintenance throughout the life cycle of the product is extremely small.