HERO Manual Units

Following research and extensive trials, the FirePro HERO line is being adopted by national and private fire and rescue services as a vital part of a modern firefighting strategy. The firefighting manual units are designed to be used by any Certified First Responder such as safety officers, police officers, paramedics and other emergency service personnel. Moreover, FirePro HERO units are environmentally friendly, compact and have a long lifespan.

Fire & Rescue services are constantly under pressure to put out fires while reducing firefighter risk. Deployment of FirePro HERO in an enclosed space is proven to buy precious time by reducing the temperature, suppressing and or even extinguishing a fire; ultimately helping to save lives, property and the environment.

  • A first response fire fighting condensed aerosol manual unit.
  • Buy time for fire fighters by reducing temperature & slow escalation.
  • Used without exposure of the firefighter to fire.


Model: FP-200M
Activation Method: Manual, by removing activation pin
Testing current: N/A
Gross weight: 1800 g
Mass of FPC Compound: 200 g
Operational discharge time: 10 – 15 seconds
Discharge outlet/s: 1
Discharge length: 2 m
Dimensions: H: 150 mm / Ø 84 mm
Self-activation temperature: 300 ºC
Fire class: A, B, C, F