Forrex Vehicle System

Most vehicle fires start in the engine compartment. The fires are often difficult to detect and even more difficult to extinguish with a regular fire extinguisher. A tested and certified fire suppression system in combination with an efficient detection is the best protection during an emergency.

Forrex extinguishing system detects rapid increases in temperature and extinguish fires quickly and efficiently while protecting against re-ignition. The system is designed to be used worldwide in both cold and warm climates. It is modeled on the international guidelines SPCR 183 and the Swedish guidelines SBF 127. The system is designed to perform optimally even under difficult conditions and in harsh environments. The system operates at low pressure, which saves space and works down to -50 o C.


Dafo’s new patented Release Module represents a totally new concept in extinguishing agent containment and completely revolutionizes the way vehicle fire suppression systems are designed. Thanks to it’s unique construction the module becomes totally independent of orientation while maintaining a 100 % discharge of the agent. This feature enables optimal fitting even when available space is a deficiency.

The casing in anodized aluminium offers a very esthetical installation without compromising on ruggedness or resistance to environmental exposure. The modules are available in standard sizes from 5 to 25 liters of Forrex agent. The design also enables customized modules with respect to length and volume.


The Release Module is manufactured from a sturdy, red-anodized, aluminium profile and is fitted with a detachable top and bottom. Inside the profile runs a piston that forces the agent out when the system is activated with a nitrogen cartridge.

A built in valve evacuates remaining propellant once the Release Module is emptied of agent, ensuring that the system returns to an un-pressurized state. The design allows for a much higher flow rate than previously possible with conventional solutions. It also makes the design of the distribution system easier and more flexible.

Our vast knowledge of vehicle suppression systems as well as the input from experienced service technicians has been taken into the development of this product. The normally un-pressurized Release Module is optimized for easy maintenance and recharge in the field.


The Release Module is normally un-pressurized. A nitrogen cartridge is connected to the propellant inlet. Upon actuation the Release Module is pressurized and the internal piston forces the agent out through the distribution system.

The system is released by an actuator that is mounted on the nitrogen cartridge. The actuators are available in three different versions; mechanical, pneumatic/electric or mechanical/pneumatic/electric.

The agent is distributed with a constant low pressure through a pipe system or a hose emanating in the proper amount of nozzles. The low working pressure ensures personal safety during operation even if the system is damaged. Because the pressure is kept constant during the discharge, optimal nozzle performance is guaranteed.

For bigger applications, several Release Modules can be connected together. The nitrogen cartridge on the first module is activated electrically or mechanically and the cartridges for the subsequent modules are activated pneumatically utilizing the pressure from the first cartridge. The Release Module can be orientated in any position as it’s function is totally independent of orientation.