Forrex Genset System

Many business operations rely on emergency generators to secure critical functions within their organization. It is easy to ignore the fact that, as these units are driven by combustible engines, they also constitute a significant fire hazard. The Dafo SV-K 2250 system is sprung from 40 yeas of experience in vehicle fire protection. It ensures maximum protection while being much more economical than previously available solutions like water sprinkler, dry chemical or CO2 systems.


Extinguishing system

The installation consists of 50 litres of Forrex extinguishing agent housed in 2 of our patented SV-K agent tanks. A pipe system distributes the agent to the nozzles, protecting all relevant parts of the generator like diesel engine, gearbox and generator.

The system is activated electrically, automatically and/or manually, via the control panel or mechanically manually directly on the tank valve or from a pull handle. That means that the system is operational even if a total power blackout has occurred.

Detection and Control

The dedicated control panel is connected to strategically positioned spot heat detectors that combines fast response with high reliability. The control unit also monitors the system for faults, both on the detection and the actuation line and is very easy to operate. Any faults in the detection or actuation are indicated by LEDs on the control unit.

Alarms and fault indicators can be tested with a switch on the unit which also offers manual release. A numerous number of relay outputs for alarm, fault and shut down are provided as well as the possibility to remote controlled “manual mode only”.

The system comes with it own dedicated power supply with built in battery backup.

FORREX – The Perfect Extinguishant

The liquid used in the Forrex system is specially developed for use on fires in combustible engines. It is highly effective on fires in flammable liquids like petrol, diesel and hydraulic oils and in burning solids like wood, chips and peat. It smothers quickly and efficiently diesel oil flowing from a burst fuel pipe or hydraulic oil sprayed under pressure. The liquid will also stay on surfaces, effectively preventing reignition.


Fire is indicated by heat detectors which activates the mechanical/electrical valve on the FORREX tank. The tank is pressurized with nitrogen, forcing the liquid through the pipe work and the nozzles. Audible and visual alarm signals are activated by the fire. If automatic closing devices are connected to the control unit, these are activated at the same time as
the extinguishing system, e.g. engine cut-off or a fuel solenoid.

Manual operation of the installation can be made from the firing button on the control unit or with the manual release device fitted on the cartridge.