Safety and Rescue

Advanced Automated Systems combines long-range acoustic devices paired Ocular disruptive technology for advanced non-lethal security measures. This technology is able to autonomously control crowds or deter perimeter intrusion by emitting loud and painful levels of noise paired with powerful green light which creates extreme discomfort as well as visual disruption.

Advanced Automated Systems next-generation medium frequency radios for mine rescue personnel and security response to use as a reliable, cost-effective solution for communication and tracking needs. Kutta radios use cables, wires, tracks, and pipes to create survivable, redundant communication paths underground that extend for miles. Kutta is a wireless medium frequency radio system that works whether mine power is on or off, post-incident, and even through obstructions.

Advanced Automated Systems use a patented wet chemical extinguisher which has proven to be successful suppressing a deep seated rubber tire fire where all other methods failed. With the ability to extensively cool, chemically balance and smother the fire this extinguisher is designed for the worst case scenarios. This is ideal for first responders and security forces responding to accidents, arson and riots.

Fire and Rescue services are constantly under pressure to put out fires while reducing firefighter risk. Deployment of Advanced Automated Systems mobile aerosol units in an enclosed space is proven to gain precious time by lowering the heat emissions, suppressing and or even extinguishing a fire. The firefighting manual units are designed to be used by any Certified First Responder such as safety officers, police officers, paramedics and other emergency service personnel.

Industry solutions are provided by the following brands:

  • FirePro Hero
  • MicroFire & DSPPA
  • Kutta Radios
  • Firevoid Extinguisher