Power Generations

Fires in power generation facilities, whether hydroelectric or fossil fueled, can have costly or even fatal consequences. In about one-third of the cases in which fire suppression systems fail, the cause is inadequate inspection, testing and maintenance. Operators require autonomous, reliable and robust fire suppression systems they can rely on. NFPA 850 also recommends practice outlines and fire safety recommendations for the industry.

Power generation and distribution machinery, such as turbines, generators, transformers and cable tunnels, are need to operate continuously. Yet, a fire in one critical asset can cause collateral damage to other that can result in power failures on the grid. Fires are usually caused by design defects, poor maintenance, voltage surges, overheating, arcs caused by a switch, leaking current, lightning, cable insulation deterioration and without of course discounting sabotage.

Many fires can be prevented and damage minimized by improving the reliability and effectiveness of the fire suppression equipment. Advanced Automated Systems’ solutions can detect and extinguish a fire at its source which is critically important in reducing the risk of injury to personnel and damage to critical assets. They can be installed inside equipment and machinery where a fire will be detected and extinguished in the early stages – preventing its spread to other equipment.

Industry solutions are provided by the following brands:

  • Dafo Forrex
  • FirePro
  • Elotec
  • Lios Technology
  • Zyteq
  • GFE