Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is constantly in search of mitigating the risk of fire and explosions. Flammable gases, vapours and hydrogen sulfide, can be released from wells, trucks and production equipment such as tanks and shale shakers. Ignition sources include static electricity energy sources, open flames, lightning, cigarettes, welding tools, hot surfaces and frictional heat. Heat in close proximity to combustible liquids create a high risk profile for fire accidents.

Overall, the oil and gas facilities inherently carry substantial fire hazards and often the harsh environments and the remoteness of their locations exacerbating fire protection problems. Fire detection and suppression systems used in the industry have to exhibit extraordinary reliability, effectiveness, robustness and efficiency – as certified by credible and trustworthy independent organizations – and address common issues of health and safety and protection of multiple locations.

Advanced Automated Systems can achieve the fire protection requirements in the oil and gas industry’s onshore and offshore terminals, refineries, petrochemical plants and in general any industry-specific project where putting out a fire at its source can be the difference between a minor event and a catastrophic scenario. Our emphasis is to help protect the critical points of the operations so as to limit any continuity concerns while protecting lives and assets.

Advanced Automated Systems security solutions can also solve the security threats faced by airports. Fiber optics can offer exact location of perimeter activity and alert response units before a permitter breach occurs, this solution paired with Advanced Automated Systems ocular interruptive and long range acoustic devices will deter any potential perimeter threat.

Advanced Automated Systems has redefined condition monitoring by employing our patented DXS Fiber Optic Sensing approach – monitoring temperature, strain and acoustics – we provide clients with a holistic set of data; actionable insights which save lives, protect assets, and boost performance, while ensuring businesses and industries stay up and running at all times.

Industry solutions are provided by the following brands:

  • MicroFire
  • Lios Technology
  • Dafo Forrex
  • MSR
  • FireFly
  • Lehavot Delta
  • Elotec
  • Zyteq
  • GFE
  • Safex