The hospitality industry entails many challenges when it comes to fire protection and safety for critical equipment. Some of them derive from cooking, heating, laundry, electrical or other equipment. Advanced Automated Systems is an expert in detection and fire suppression systems for hotels, theme parks, casinos, restaurants, theaters, nightclubs, fitness clubs and many other sectors in the hospitality industry. Fire protection for critical equipment ensures unhindered facility operations and guest safety.

At Advanced Automated Systems, we understand the importance of providing safe and secure environments for guests and staff. Our fire protection engineers and consultants have a thorough understanding of the challenges and the issues that need to be addressed in the industry. We also help owners and managers to meet these challenges by minimizing downtime and clean-up and also achieve compliance with applicable codes and standards.

Advanced Automated Systems’ solutions are designed to provide an exceptional level of protection to key assets while remaining harmless to people and the environment. They also minimize downtime and reduce clean-up periods so that operations remain unaffected. They protect guests and assets with minimal maintenance requirements while remaining compliant with relevant codes of practice. Moreover, our systems can be designed for both new and retrofit applications and thus increase insurance coverage eligibility.

Industry solutions are provided by the following brands:

  • WCK
  • K5 Safety Patch
  • FirePro
  • Thermarestor
  • Zyteq
  • GFE