Chemical processes are especially susceptible to dangers from explosions, fires and over-pressure issues. Chemical laboratories have procedures in place to help prevent and protect against fire, nevertheless, accidents can and do happen. The presence of ignition sources such as gas burners, hot plates and pyrophoric materials, including the inherent volatility of chemical compounds and other substances, all lead to a significant risk of fire.

Storage and roof tanks are high risk threats for petrochemical and chemical storage plants. Similarly, laboratory fume hoods and glove boxes help control the risk of fume inhalation but they provide little protection against fire. A spark or an increase in temperature due to an imbalance in the system can lead to a catastrophe. Once ignited, a fire can propagate through ventilation shafts and other systems, causing a chain of fires or explosions throughout a facility.

Detecting a fire at its source is critical in reducing the risk of injury to laboratory personnel and damage to essential operations and assets. Advanced Automated Systems provides bespoke fire detection and suppression for multiple processing and laboratory applications. We can protect key equipment by detecting and suppressing fire at the early stages. This prevents its spread and renders water based fire suppression systems in the premises redundant, thus avoiding collateral damage and costs.

Advanced Automated Systems security solutions can also solve the security threats faced by airports. Fiber optics can offer exact location of perimeter activity and alert response units before a permitter breach occurs, this solution paired with Advanced Automated Systems ocular interruptive and long range acoustic devices will deter any potential perimeter threat.

Advanced Automated Systems has redefined condition monitoring by employing our patented DXS Fiber Optic Sensing approach – monitoring temperature, strain and acoustics – we provide clients with a holistic set of data; actionable insights which save lives, protect assets, and boost performance, while ensuring businesses and industries stay up and running at all times.

Industry solutions are provided by the following brands:

  • MicroFire
  • Dafo Forrex
  • Lios Technology
  • MSR
  • FireFly
  • Lehavot Delta
  • Elotec
  • Zyteq
  • GFE
  • Safex