Airports and Aviation

The aviation industry in its efforts to ensure the safety of its customers has highly regulated rules and procedures concerning how and what can be used in protecting people and assets against fire. Under these stringent operational parameters aircraft manufacturers, airport operators and airlines require fire suppression products that meet the highest specifications and have a proven record for reliability for both in-the-air and on-the-ground operations.

On-ground operations need to be optimized and flawless as well, since grounded aircraft because of a technical malfunction in the airport infrastructure, entail huge running costs and hazards for all stakeholders. These exceptional aviation prerequisites call for a fire suppression system that meets or exceeds industry requirements. Advanced Automated Systems’ reliability, effectiveness, environmental considerations and minimal maintenance requirements offer an ideal solution for such purposes.

Advanced Automated Systems security solutions can also solve the security threats faced by airports. Fiber optics can offer exact location of perimeter activity and alert response units before a permitter breach occurs, this solution paired with Advanced Automated Systems ocular interruptive and long range acoustic devices will deter any potential perimeter threat.

Industry solutions are provided by the following brands:

  • FirePro
  • ExxFire
  • Zyteq
  • GFE
  • Elotec
  • Dafo Vulcan
  • FireFly
  • MicroFire
  • Lios Technologies