Flameproof Automated Vehicle Fire Suppression System


25 JUNE 2021

A new, flameproof, automated vehicle fire suppression system has been designed in South Africa

AASYS and Jewll Industries collaborated to develop an innovative fire suppression system for all heavy-duty mining vehicles.

When a mining vehicle catches fire, the results can be disastrous. The obvious consequences are very costly repairs and/or the replacement of valuable equipment, and worse than that is that death can occur to the operator or other personnel. A mining vehicle fire can result in serious injury to the machine operator and other personnel, as well as geological instability.

According to Yoni Margalit, CEO of AASYS, “the majority of vehicle fires begin in the engine compartment.” Fires are frequently difficult to detect and even more challenging to extinguish with a standard fire extinguisher. A fire suppression system that has been tested and certified, combined with an efficient detection system, provides the best protection during an emergency. AASYS is currently Dafo’s sole distributor in South Africa. The Dafo Forrex Extinguishing System detects rapid temperature increases and quickly extinguishes fires while preventing re-ignition. With this in mind, it was necessary to make the Dafo system impervious to flames in explosive underground environments such as mines. This is where the collaboration with Jewll Industries was of extreme importance. Jewll Industries is a market leader in custom-designed flameproof mining equipment, with all products manufactured to the highest international standards.

The results were that AASYS and Jewll Industries developed an intrinsically safe, flameproof, automated fire suppression system for use underground in mining environments, which was also designed in such a manner to achieve IECex certification for worldwide use in hazardous areas on surface and underground, but locally approved in South Africa. “To our knowledge, there has never been a flameproof, fully automated fire suppression system for heavy- duty vehicles that can be used underground in a mining environment,” Margalit, CEO of AASYS, explains.

The two companies are excited about the prospect of extending this remarkable technology into the mining network.


JEWLL INDUSTRIES: www.jewll-flameproof.com | info@jewll.co.za

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