AASYS Applications

With our wide range of risk-management solutions – including world-leading fire prevention, detection and suppression, and fibre-optic condition monitoring and security systems – the applications are endless…

  • Monitor temperature in oil and gas tanks to prevent hazardous and costly emissions
  • Detect/prevent/suppress fire hazards in coal, wood, or paper plants
  • Monitor and detect fires in tunnels
  • Use acoustics technology to detect illegal mining activity – or notify mines when there are people underground before they blast
  • Determine whether mines are wasting energy because of pipeline cracks or leaks
  • Measure underground ventilation and other potential mining hazards
  • Detect when a conveyor belt idler is overheating
  • Identify and prevent pipeline theft/sabotage or oil theft through precision acoustics monitoring
  • Detect/locate gas and water leaks with pinpoint accuracy
  • Protect perimeters and detect security breaches through acoustics monitoring
  • Measure strain on mine ceilings to ensure structural integrity
  • Detect leaks/cracks on dam walls to prevent infrastructural collapse
  • Monitor temperature of pipe walls for heated pipelines
  • Monitor cement production, refinery processes, electrical substations, energy plants
  • Detect combustible gases and smoke in wastewater treatment plants
  • Monitor temperature inside electrical cabinets – localised detection to prevent fires at source


AASYS was founded in 2009 as a company dedicated to detecting and suppressing fires across a number of industries. Driven by our appetite for innovation, and our patented DXS Fiber Optic Sensing approach – monitoring temperature, strain and acoustics – we have evolved dramatically, becoming industry leaders in the advanced field of condition monitoring.

Advanced Automated Systems is part of the Sekta Group.


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AASYS offers a wide range of risk-management solutions. These include world-leading fire prevention, detection and suppression, and fibre-optic condition monitoring and security systems. Our world-leading sensor technology, hardware and visualisation software is geared towards one key objective – ensuring the safety and performance of our clients’ operations.

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